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358 883d 05h pedro /lostbit/bin/tools/ Updated notifications text.  
357 883d 14h pedro /lostbit/bin/services/ Modify hostname in notifications.  
356 896d 23h pedro /lostbit/install/cfg/ Updated default values for recent availability.  
355 897d 04h pedro /lostbit/ Test.  
354 897d 15h pedro /lostbit/install/tools/ Updated nsca.  
353 898d 00h pedro /lostbit/doc/ Updated doc.  
352 898d 18h pedro /lostbit/doc/ Updated install and update docs.  
351 898d 19h pedro /lostbit/www/ Organized icons and images folders.  
350 898d 19h pedro /lostbit/ Added icons folder.  
349 898d 21h pedro /lostbit/ Added refresh in index.html  
348 899d 00h pedro /lostbit/install/examples/ Added icons to apache.conf  
347 901d 02h pedro /lostbit/bin/ Added hostname to notifications.  
346 903d 20h pedro /lostbit/ Updated license text.  
345 952d 03h pedro /lostbit/ Change to GNU Lesser General Public License.  
344 1021d 02h pedro /lostbit/ Updated log check script.  
343 1022d 02h pedro /lostbit/contrib/checks/ Updated log check script.  
342 1022d 02h pedro /lostbit/contrib/checks/ Updated log check script.  
341 1028d 00h pedro /lostbit/ Updated lostbit logo.
Added ping and log check script.
340 1040d 13h pedro /lostbit/contrib/send_nsca/ Updated send_nsca  
339 1040d 13h pedro /lostbit/contrib/send_nsca/ Updated send_nsca to avoid false positives.  

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