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353 898d 00h pedro /lostbit/doc/ Updated doc.  
352 898d 18h pedro /lostbit/doc/ Updated install and update docs.  
346 903d 20h pedro /lostbit/ Updated license text.  
345 952d 03h pedro /lostbit/ Change to GNU Lesser General Public License.  
335 1042d 02h pedro /lostbit/ Added MONITOR string to notifications.  
320 1062d 22h pedro /lostbit/ Added hosts_ip table to define IP to hosts.
Updated install and update docs.
Updated language configuration.
319 1063d 04h pedro /lostbit/ Fixed CONFIG variables in
Set version to 100.
Updated NAGIOS info and license.
318 1063d 13h pedro /lostbit/ Updated copyright info.  
314 1063d 15h pedro /lostbit/ Updated license info.  
303 1081d 14h pedro /lostbit/ Add ORACLE check scripts.
Updated DOC.
Updated config scripts.
302 1097d 19h pedro /lostbit/ Updated text in notifications.  
301 1098d 00h pedro /lostbit/doc/ Add documentation to monitor configuration.  
296 1098d 22h pedro /lostbit/doc/ Updated doc.  
293 1099d 01h pedro /lostbit/ Updated send-nsca scripts.
Fixed BUG with variables in database.
Updated install doc.
290 1099d 04h pedro /lostbit/ Updated install doc.  
289 1099d 13h pedro /lostbit/ Updated  
288 1099d 16h pedro /lostbit/doc/ Updated install doc.  
287 1099d 17h pedro /lostbit/ Added script for add/edit database from text files.  
284 1187d 12h pedro /lostbit/ Updated DOC and bash.profile  
281 1284d 02h pedro /lostbit/ Updated send_nsca config files.  

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