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351 898d 19h pedro /lostbit/www/ Organized icons and images folders.  
350 898d 19h pedro /lostbit/ Added icons folder.  
349 898d 21h pedro /lostbit/ Added refresh in index.html  
346 903d 20h pedro /lostbit/ Updated license text.  
341 1028d 00h pedro /lostbit/ Updated lostbit logo.
Added ping and log check script.
338 1041d 02h pedro /lostbit/www/ Fixed index favicon  
337 1041d 02h pedro /lostbit/www/ Added new favicon  
333 1047d 13h pedro /lostbit/ Added control for server, database and nsca shutdown.
New variables for check control.
Fixed BUG in services check.
332 1053d 13h pedro /lostbit/ Updated lostbit logo.  
331 1061d 13h pedro /lostbit/ Updated languages.
Updated administration options.
330 1061d 14h pedro /lostbit/ Updated administration options.  
326 1062d 12h pedro /lostbit/ Fixed BUG in check remote script.  
324 1062d 14h pedro /lostbit/ Added availability config file
Added new options to web admin
Added two new tables in db config files
Updated language files
Added option to show services ok on folders
323 1062d 20h pedro /lostbit/www/config/ Updated user_info function with language.  
322 1062d 21h pedro /lostbit/ Added language option by user.  
320 1062d 22h pedro /lostbit/ Added hosts_ip table to define IP to hosts.
Updated install and update docs.
Updated language configuration.
319 1063d 04h pedro /lostbit/ Fixed CONFIG variables in
Set version to 100.
Updated NAGIOS info and license.
318 1063d 13h pedro /lostbit/ Updated copyright info.  
317 1063d 14h pedro /lostbit/www/ Updated control files.  
316 1063d 14h pedro /lostbit/ Updated version file.
Updated with file control.

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